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What is Magic in Canada?

  • What is Magic in Canada?

Magic or magick in Canada can be defined as the discovery and connection of the natural elements on the earth with the supernatural powers that guide and empower them.

Though used interchangeably, the term magic and magick holds different meanings to different people.

Few consider magic and magick to be the same, whereas for others, magic connote the stage magic and ritual magic while magick is a force that employs the power of Wicca, wisdom and knowledge to guide them in the accomplishment of one’s heart’s desires.

Here the terms have been used interchangeably.

The Principle of Black Magic and White Magic

Magic makes use of myriads of rituals depending on the belief of the people behind it. There are both black magic and white magic rituals. The black magic is concerned with the accomplishment of the end and is nonchalant to the measures taken to achieve them. For example, in love spells, to force one fall for another, the black magic will manipulate the target’s mind turning his attitude towards love and convincing him of the need to love the other. This has made black magic considered evil by many.